Sound Recording Services

The Center for Rock Research offers a well-equipped full service sound recording environment able to capture 32 tracks simultaneously, with a large volume of overdub, midi, or virtual tracks.

Studio “A”, our main control room is equipped with a MacIntosh based recording platform featuring Mark of the Unicorn Performer V9. And dual Slate Raven multitouch displays. 32 tracks of analog signal can be captured through our Toft ATB32 console into the latest MOTU AVB recording interfaces including the 24i, 8M and Monitor 8 interfaces. Playback is via Yamaha monitors. Outboard gear by Focusrite, Avalon, Jomeek,  Presonus, Grace Designs, Furman, Alesis, Yamaha, and DBX. We offer a full complement of professional microphones including the standards of the industry from Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, MXL, Neumann, Rode, Sennheiser, and Shure.

Studio “B”, our project/ overdub suite Features a similar but smaller complement of gear with a Yamaha Upright digital piano, and a Mac based capture into MOTU 8M. This room functions as our vocal overdub room and amp isolation room as needed. It is also the command room for video capture during live performance. It features a Behringer X32 Producer console, monitoring by Tannoy and Behringer, and additional capture products by MOTU. Audio power is provided by a custom sequenced Furman power system for hum and noise free operation.

Our main performance area is a 1200 s.f. facility used for both performance and recording. It features a full stage and audience area, and we open the doors a few times a year for special events and performances. This stage features a full complement of sound and lighting equipment including mains by EV and Turbosound, monitors by RCF, input splitting to Studio a and B via Radial splitters (Jensen equipped), an X32 main console, custom cabling and harnesses by CBI, Splitters and DI’s by radial, and a full line of Microphones and stands. The lighting system is a comprehensive intelligent lighting rig with control by an Avolites Titan Quartz console, moving heads, scanners and LED hex pars by Elation, ADJ and Chauvet. Our crowning jewel is a Laserworld 3.3mw RGB scanning laser with Pangolin control software.

In Addition, the Center has a comprehensive inventory of equipment available for recording and rental including keyboards by Korg and Roland, amplification by Marshall, Orange, Fender, Ampeg, Yamaha, and Vox, and a slew of guitars, drums, percussion and stringed instruments.